JOVELLA 2011 is the leading event of the Jewelry Industry in Israel that offers both domestic and foreign visitors fresh designs and new spirit in jewelry in an artistic mesh of ultramodern and traditional art, east and west, ancient and modern.

Jovella 2011 presents beauty, high quality, and fine design of world-class products.

Contemporary Israeli design is well regarded in fashion and architecture. Now, a new generation of jewelry designers offers yet another showcase for this spirit of art in industry and industry of art.

We invite you, manufacturers, marketers and designers, to become partners in the success of JOVELLA 2011.

JOVELLA 2010 provided a fascinating meeting place for the Jewelry Industry in Israel.

Jovella was impressive in its beauty and unique design.

About 12,000 professional people of the jewelry community and buyers from the Industry visited Jovella 2010 and met representatives of the leading companies in the field. Over 150 companies participated in the exhibition and over 200 buyers and visitors from abroad visited the trade fair.

JOVELLA 2010 was characterized by a spectacular display of designs in gold and diamonds, silver jewelry, costume designed jewelry and gemstones and also by special displays by various service providers to the Industry.

It was a fascinating and fruitful professional business encounter.