One of the leading jewelry event for the industry professionals and the leading ultimate trade event in the region, “Istanbul Jewelry Show” March 2014 Exhibition, once again provided an ideal platform for international buyers and sellers during the four - day event for the 38th time.

Spectacular Intense Interest to the “Istanbul Jewelry Show” March

The 38th edition of “Istanbul Jewelry Show”March 2014 brought together  manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and industry professionals with a bigger selection of products including; Fine Gold Jewellery & Pearl Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, Diamond & Precious Stone Jewellery, Diamonds, Precious and Semi -Precious Stones, Pearls, Watches, Jewellery Display & Packaging Materials, Gemological Labs, Transportation , Software, Safes, Machinery, Jewellery Tools & Equipment.

1200 exhibitors, participated from 25 countries including; Turkey, Belgium, China, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia , Italy, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, U.S.A., Thailand, and many other countries in 6 Halls over 60.000 gross square meters exhibition space conducted new business opportunities with 26,974 top buyers and industry professionals from all over the world.

Visitor Profile

26,974 top buyers, 73,23 % from the local market and 26,77 % from overseas, visitedIstanbul Jewelry Show” from across the globe including 111 countries.

The top 20 visiting countries of “Istanbul Jewelry Show” March 2014 Edition are;  Turkey, Russian Federation, Iran, Greece, Iraq, India, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco, Israel, Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Macedonia, Ukranie, Bulgaria and  Syria.

The recorded uptrend in exhibitor numbers, exhibition space and number of visitors of “Istanbul Jewelry Show” March 2014 from 111 countries confirms both the Fair’s international importance and also the highlights of Istanbul’s status for the jewelry trade industry globally.

Exhibitors’ Comments

“We are totally satisfied with the “Istanbul Jewelry Show” March 2014. We are also very happy with the visitor profile and buyers as well. We had good business, especially from Lebanon , Israel and Azerbaijan countries” Abdullah Sanlı - Sade-Is / Turkey

“Our company is participating to the “Istanbul Jewelry Show” March & October Exhibitions, for a very long time. March 2014 Edition of “Istanbul Jewelry Show” is also very successful as usual. Visitor profile is very well.  We have so many new business contacts during the fair and had orders mainly from Iran, Iraq and North Africa buyers. Helena Taş - Cetaş / Turkey

“Although this is our first participation to the show, we received very good results. We get nice contacts mostly from Turkey, Iran and Russia.” Vishal Mehta - H Dipak / Belgium

“We like the show. If I make the list of buyers, We are happy with Armenian, Russian and Turkish buyers.”  Sagar Shah - Inter Gems / Dubai, UAE

“Show is excellent. We had very good business contacts and March Edition of “Istanbul Jewelry Show” is very successful for our company. Our designs and product groups get attention of especially Dubai and other Arabic Countries’ buyers delegations. We made good business.” Yılmaz Tapar - Tapar Kuyumculuk / Turkey

“Istanbul Jewelry Exhibition is nice show and Turkey is a nice market. Connect with lots of European & Russian buyers.”  Yogesh Kasliwal - Gemco International / India

“We are happy about buyers, especially Russian buyers are the best.” Amit - Neon Gems / India

Buyers’ Comments

 “We are so happy with the rise of the exhibitor companies. Istanbul Jewelry  Show  is again organized very successfully. We made business with Sisma Machinery.” Unit Anıl - Anıl Gold / Turkey

“We are generally happy with your organization and fair plan is very successful. We ordered from Diamond RENE. We will also contact with some other companies after the show, too. “Ibrahim Yıldız - Safir Gold / Turkey