Материалы крупного международного совещания в Канаде по проблемам геологоразведки PGE месторождений.

This book is designed to give a progression from the general to the specific, while focussing on factual information and avoiding unnecessary attention to some of the more contentious issues surrounding petrogenesis of PGE deposits. The book concludes with a PGE ore deposit classification and accompanying thematic maps of PGE deposit distribution worldwide, prepared by R. Eckstrand and L. Chorlton from data contained in the database of the World Minerals Project of the Geological Survey of Canada. This book is published by the Mineralogical Association of Canada as the handbook to accompany Short Course "Exploration for Platinum Group Element Deposits".
Geochemistry of platinum-group elements
Descriptive platinum-group element ore deposit models – precious-metaldominant
Descriptive platinum-group element ore deposit models – base-metaldominant
Exploration methods
Case histories