Sue Heaser: Making Polymer Clay Jewelry

Making Polymer Clay Jewelry Авторы: Sue Heaser
Издательство: Cassell Illustrated
ISBN: 978-0304350308
Год выпуска: 1998
Аннотация к книге "Making Polymer Clay Jewelry": Sue Heaser
There are a number of different approaches to the popular craft of working with polymer clay, which is baked at low temperatures. Sue Heaser demonstrates the following possibilities for this versatile material: make it into colored canes that resemble Italian millefiori glass; model it into shapes, just as you would with regular clay or porcelain; or press it into molds and paint it. Sophisticated polymer clay aficionados may not be drawn to Heaser's bright animal and flower shapes, but this is a particularly good primer for those interested in the material's modeling qualities. The jewelry, buttons, and hair accessories are well described and make excellent projects for beginners.

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